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AMI-based low-voltage grid control experimentation in SysTec

Notre expérimentation au Fraunhofer IEE

This week, as part of the Erigrid 2.0 project, Benoît Vinot and Ali Hamdan went to Kassel, Germany for a second visit at Fraunhofer IEE Test Center for Smart grids (SysTec). The goal? An experimental deployment of Grid ExpanDER, our solution for implementing AMI-based low-voltage grid control !

During our first visit in December, we were able to develop communication with the different industrial meters and solar inverters present on the test site. This time, luck smiled on us and the sunny days allowed us to test our control algorithm for inverter generation. We’ve obtained some very satisfying results, which will soon be published in a research article, so stay tuned!

We would particularly like to thank Winfried Lesser, Gunter Arnold and Wolfram Heckmann, for their invaluable help and responsiveness to the unforeseen circumstances that inevitably arise during such a field demonstration.

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