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Seamlessly turning GIS data into an electric model of your power grid

Illustration Roseau ETL par Roseau Technologies : modélisation automatisée des réseaux électrique pour la simulation

Load Flows, Protections, Power Quality, Harmonic Analysis...

In order to control costs, accurately assess the capacity available for new loads and generators, and ensure the quality of service for customers as well as the physical security of grid assets, it is becoming increasingly important for power grid planners and engineers to rely on grid simulation when making grid design decisions.

Grid simulation software requires an electrical model of the grid, that describes the physical characteristics of each grid element, and the way they are connected with each other.

Struggling to convert your GIS data into an electrical model for simulation software?

However, GIS data cannot be used directly to populate network simulation software: not only is the structure of network data in a GIS very different from that of network simulation software, but many data quality issues typically need to be identified and corrected in the conversion process.

DSOs wishing to move from geographic to electrical modelling are therefore faced with the challenge of converting their legacy GIS data into an electrical model, and ensuring that future changes to the GIS data are seamlessly translated into corresponding changes to their electrical model.

Roseau ETL is dedicated to solving this challenge.

Let Roseau ETL help you meet the challenge of converting your legacy GIS data into an electrical model, and keeping that model updated as your GIS data evolves!

Roseau Etl Seamlessly turning GIS data into an electric model of your power grid

In need of a CIM or DGS model from your SHP, GPKG or GeoJSON data ?

To get the most out of your grid data, Roseau ETL is the automated bulk analysis tool you need.

Flexibility and robustness

Our software is agnostic to the input format, database schema and projection method used in your GIS data - our team of experts can customise Roseau ETL to handle almost any type of grid data!

Specifically designed to process power grid data

Unlike generic Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) software, Roseau ETL can handle all types of grid-related data issues, such as connectivity problems, missing attributes, inconsistent voltage levels, and inconsistent line and transformer sizing.

Time effective

Stop wasting time with grid modelling, we'll do it for you!

An advanced data processing tool, yet the easiest workflow!

Roseau ETL operates as a web-service to which the Grid Operator provides updated input GIS data on a regular basis. Roseau ETL returns an updated electrical model of the grid, as well as a detailed report of all detected inconsistencies.

Updates can range from daily to every few months.

From simple emails to full integration through a web API, we support many types of data flows.

They rely on us to convert their GIS data into a digital twin of their power grid

Since 2018, dozens of grid operators across Europe and beyond have used our software to model millions of kilometers of electricity network. Our robust knowledge makes Roseau ETL resilient to any input data quality issues, making it the first choice for reliable and accurate results.