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Our team of highly experienced engineers and consultants can provide services in different areas of expertise.
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Power distribution

With a solid business expertise in power distribution and strong skills in electrical engineering, we can help with many technical projects in the field.

Network modelling

Turning almost any network data into a usable electrical model, in spite of unavoidable data quality and formatting issues, is a delicate art. Our track record? Modelling hundreds of thousands of kilometers of power lines!

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Software Engineering

We design our software with modularity in mind, and many of our components can be integrated as individual building blocks into your own applications — with the help of our software engineering team.

Energy Analytics & Data Science

Our team of data scientists benefits from a strong expertise in mathematical methods and analytics, and is highly experienced in working on power-grid related projects. We also boast a unique software toolbox for modelling, simulation and optimization applications in the field of power distribution — a toolbox that our team developed entirely from scratch, which gives us complete control: if we need to tailor it to fit your application, we will.

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