Modelling, Simulation, Optimization and Analytics
for the Power Distribution Grid.


Simple and powerful.

SIRAO electricity distribution grids

Computer-aided grid design,
for everyone

From daily connection studies to long term planning, grid design activities have to be carried out quickly and efficiently, at least cost, while ensuring the reliability of the grid. Successfully completing these complex tasks requires state-of-the-art software with a seamless workflow, end-to-end processes, and advanced data processing automation through artificial intelligence techniques.

This is exactly what SIRAO has to offer : a modern grid design tool packed with automation and decision-support features, that will make you achieve complex design tasks faster and more efficiently than ever.

Benefits for all grid stakeholders

From the explosive growth of Distributed Energy Resources, ensues a massive stream of connection requests. DSOs are now expected to deliver not only fast but also transparent and provably optimal technical solutions to connect myriads of small to large generators, EV charging stations, etc.

SIRAO provides an end-to-end solution to this problem: starting from a simple and interactive grid connection simulator accessible to the broad public, grid connection requests are then quickly and efficiently processed by the DSO’s engineering team while all low-level details are processed automatically by the AI engine – making the entire workflow seamless, and your customers happy.

Distribution Network Operator



States, regulators & local authorities are responsible for setting the legal, regulatory and contractual framework of public electricity distribution.

They also often make political decisions that have a direct impact on the grid, such as setting targets for renewable energy generation or charging infrastructure.

SIRAO provides these public sector players with the insight they need to fully take into account grid technicalities in their policy-making process.

Public sector



Obtaining transparent information regarding the hosting capacity of the grid allows faster decision-making when it comes to building a house, investing in a new PV generator or to increase one’s contracted power.

In just a few simple steps, our user-friendly web app – made publicly available by the DSO – will provide estimates of the complexity and cost for any grid connection!

Residential grid users



When it comes to developing large generators or loads, such as utility-scale renewable energy plants, anticipating and optimizing the cost of grid connections is key. Stop wasting time on projects that will be abandoned later on, after their grid connection is found to be prohibitively expensive; and start optimizing your ROI by finding the perfect connection solution for every viable project.

Industrial grid users



We come from the world of Research, and we are still always happy to contribute to moving forward the state-of-the-art in power system engineering.

If you are interested in running an R&D project with us, or if you would like to access our software or even our lab facilities for Research purposes, please contact us!

We provide special deals to students / researchers / academic institutions.

Research agencies & Academia







We are experts in handling various types and formats of data. No matter how you store your network data today, we will find a way to transfer it to SIRAO.



Our robust modelling algorithms routinely handle massive network datasets of hundreds of thousands of kilometers of power lines!


Data quality enhancement

Most modelling issues related to implausible or inconsistent data are processed automatically by our verification algorithms, minimizing the need for manual corrections.



Change a network parameter, and watch the hosting capacity of an entire feeder get updated immediately. Yes, that’s thousands of load flow calculations performed in under a tenth of a second!


Advanced simulation

If you love finely detailed low-voltage grid modelling, try us! We boast one of the best unbalanced three-phase load flow solvers on the market.

Power flow simulation

for grid engineers

At which point of the existing network should I connect this new PV generator?

How should I route the new line from this point to the plant?

Shall I lower the voltage settings?

Where do I need to reinforce the existing grid to get rid of a voltage constraint?

SIRAO provides suggested answers to all these questions, based on advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques. The human operator remains in charge, either choosing one of the suggested options or switching to manual mode for full control.


The best of grid analytics technology

The breakthrough technology contained in SIRAO was built on years of research & development:

  • Our AI-based engine for the modeling of distribution network routinely handles hundreds of thousand of km of line data – typically low-quality GIS data – while identifying and correcting suspicious entries.
  • Our lightning-fast simulation algorithms allow you to experiment with design choices and receive immediate feedback on their feasibility.
  • From the routing of network extensions to grid reinforcements decisions, SIRAO will automatically compute suggested solutions for most daily decisions of a grid planner. You can fully focus on making the decisions that require human intelligence, while our decision-support algorithms handle the technical details.
  • Study advanced grid configurations with our expert features such as unbalanced three-phase simulations, voltage-dependent devices (e.g. Volt-Watt-Var control of PV generators), etc.

Complex design decisions, made simple.

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