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Our vision

How power distribution grids are quickly becoming a cyber-physical infrastructure,
and why DSOs need great software to manage it.

The electricity distribution sector is undergoing rapid change in the context of the energy transition, and the increasing digitalization of almost every aspect of grid management. Operational practices are changing, not only for Distribution System Operators, but also for all players in the field of electricity distribution: local authorities, regulators, network users themselves, etc.

These evolutions of business activities lead to a need for modernization of the technical software that is used to model, simulate, optimize, supervise and control the grid.

Whether the objective is to process rapidly, massively and transparently the growing flow of connection requests linked to the development of decentralized production and electrical mobility, or to anticipate the needs for network reinforcement necessary in the long term, or to experiment with new “smart grids” technical solutions, Roseau Technologies accompanies its clients in the digital transformation of all their activities linked to the engineering of electrical networks.

Our software solutions

A comprehensive software suite for the digitalization of the power distribution industry



Distribution networks are evolving faster than ever to accommodate the rapid growth of decentralised energy resources. Whether it’s managing the daily myriad of new connection requests or properly planning the grid investments that will enable the energy transition, powerful grid design software has become an essential part of a DSO’s toolbox.
Grid ExpanDER

Grid ExpanDER

Cutting the cost and delays of grid connection would give a massive boost to the developement of small-scale generation. The good news is: non-firm connections provide just that, and this is what our Grid ExpanDER software is all about.

Our special touch

What makes us truly unique

A dual expertise

The power distribution sector is highly technical: working on its digitalization thus calls for strong skills not only in information technology, but also in electrical engineering. If you are looking for a team of experts from both fields working hand in hand, you have come to the right place.

A unique in-house smart-grid lab

Sure, it’s a poor workman who blames his tools; but also, it’s difficult to get any work done without proper equipment. Years of research & development have taught us that very specific hardware and software are needed to design, develop and validate smart grid technology, so we built our own smart grid lab to make sure we always had all the needed tools in our shed.

“Sirao is the software we had been waiting for. There is a before and an after SIRAO.”

Stéphane Raizin


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