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New release : Roseau Load Flow 0.8.0

Calcul d'écoulement de charge réalisé grâce au solver Roseau Load Flow.

We are very proud to announce the new version 0.8.0 of our Roseau Load Flow solver!

New features include:

  • Up to 3x faster result access, using several optimization techniques. This is especially noticeable in time series simulations and when accessing results for large networks.
  • Updated network catalogue to better represent real-world networks. LV loads are made single phase, MV sources are delta connected and MV buses have lost their neutral. Voltage, current, and power limits are added to the buses, lines, and transformers. The line parameters IDs are also updated to match the new line parameters catalogue.
  • Schneider Electric EcoDesign transformers are added to the catalogue. These are tagged with the AA0Ak efficiency class. Other internal data has been added to the catalogue for testing purposes.
  • Allow flexible loads to have a null active theoretical power.

And much more !

Note that you can test Roseau Load Flow using the free public licence key to perform calculations on networks of up to ten nodes.

For more information, please visit the dedicated webpage.

You can send us your comments and suggestions by opening an issue on the Roseau Load Flow public repository.

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