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Release: Grid Capacity 2.11

This update of the Grid Capacity application includes :
– Version 3.2 of the MV network model, incorporating the latest OpenData data and the precise location of almost 90% of MV-connected generation facilities;
– Visualisation of the HVB network via a new dedicated layer,
– Updated list of cables used in reinforcement suggestions,
– Customisable maps in connection reports.
and much more!

Capture d'écran de l'application Grid Capacity. Une simulation de raccordement a été effectuée, et un rapport de raccordement est prêt à être téléchargé.

Visit the Grid Capacity application to try out these new features!

Find out more about the new features on the Grid Capacity application’s dedicated user site.

The model of the French electricity distribution network is produced using Roseau ETL and is available free of charge for teaching and research purposes. Contact us for more information!

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