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Release : Roseau Load Flow 0.9.0

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🚀 Version 0.9.0 of Roseau Load Flow is now available!

Check out the new features included in Roseau Load Flow v0.9.0:
– Enhanced import of network models from OpenDSS and PowerFactory: Learn more about importing electric models in the new Data Exchange section of our documentation.
– Support for floating neutrals in sources and loads: Sources and loads can now have floating neutrals, allowing a load/source with ‘phases=”abcn”‘ to be connected to a bus with ‘phases=”abc”‘.
– macOS compatibility: macOS wheels for the roseau-load-flow-engine are now published on PyPI, so you can use the ‘pip install roseau-load-flow’ command on macOS.
– Google Colab support: You can now run Roseau Load Flow in Google Colab documents.

And much more! Learn more about the release in the full Changelog.

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