From GIS data to a digital twin of your power grid with Roseau ETL

Roseau ETL seamlessly transforms your power grid geographic data into a simulation-ready electrical model

Roseau ETL is fully dedicated to the task of validating, correcting and structuring power grid data and converting it into standard file formats used by popular grid simulation software.

Roseau Etl Seamlessly turning GIS data into an electric model of your power grid

From GIS data to electrical simulation, with ease

It is becoming increasingly important for network planners and engineers to rely on network simulation to make network design decisions in order to control costs, accurately assess the capacity available for new loads and generators, and ensure the quality of service to customers as well as the physical security of network assets. However, an electrical model of the grid, describing the physical characteristics of each network element and how they are interconnected, is required for power simulation software. Unfortunately, GIS data cannot be directly used to populate grid simulation software: indeed, not only is grid data structured very differently in a GIS compared with grid simulation software, but also, many data quality problems usually have to be detected and corrected in the conversion process.

Roseau ETL helps Grid Operators face the challenge of converting their power grid legacy GIS data into an electrical model, and keeping the digital twin up-to-date as GIS data evolves

From geographical modelling to electrical modelling: unleash the full potential of your Power Grid data with a digital twin

From static SHP, GPKG or geoJSON grid data to simulation-ready CIM files

Roseau ETL is the advanced data processing tool you need to build and maintain a digital twin of your power grid, and make the most of your power grid data.

Unlike generic ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) software, Roseau ETL was highly specialized to process power grid data. Roseau ETL was designed to detect and solve specific data quality issues such as connectivity inconsistencies, missing line attributes, inconsistent voltage levels, and inconsistent line and transformer sizing.

Roseau ETL is agnostic to the input format, database schema, and projection method used by the input GIS data.

Illustration Roseau ETL par Roseau Technologies : modélisation automatisée des réseaux électrique pour la simulation
Roseau ETL data flow

Building and updating the electrical model: grid data lifecycle

Roseau ETL operates as a web service to which the grid operator periodically provides updated GIS input data. Roseau ETL will return an updated electrical model of the network and a detailed report of any inconsistencies found.

Updates can range from daily to every few months.

From simple emails to full integration through a web API, we support many types of data flows.

From SHP, GPKG, GeoJSON... GIS files

To a DGS or CIM electrical model

Do you use another format? We may still be able to help, so it's worth a chat!

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Our robust knowledge makes Roseau ETL resistant to any input data quality issues, making it the go-to choice for reliable and accurate results.

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